About Our Company


Maxvirtue Infotech India Pvt Ltd founded in 2008 working in various IT domains like Web Solutions, IT Marketing , IP Telephony, Web Servers & CRM Solutions. Taking ourselves to new heights Maxvirtue Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2011 to provide advanced, innovative GPS based tracking systems for vehicles, assets and employee under the brand name Safe Track. With our Head office at Delhi, we have our presence all over India and constantly expanding its caliber to asset its client. In just a short span of time Safe Track has established itself as a prominent player in the market and heading toward to be the preferred choice of the corporates and individuals as well.


Safe Track has come up with innovative GPS based tracking solutions, which will help you to increase the 5 Ps of your business i.e. productivity, proficiency, punctuality, participation and profitability. By inducting our tracking solutions, you can safeguard your vehicles as well as assets and employees. Safe Track has expertise in providing online tracking solutions for logistics and transport companies, travel agencies, security agencies and individuals for knowing the status and recovery of vehicles and assets in case of emergency situations. Safe Track offers the best support and service to their clients in the industry as and when required. At Safe Track, we are very much concerned for your assets and the resources as well. By using the vehicle tracking system provided by Safe Track you will be able to optimize your resources, save time & money.


Safe Track vehicle tracking system is a typical combination of the hardware and software which enables the user to know each and every activity and the movement information, at any point of time, from anywhere and by any authorized users. Our GPS devices are Compact& have the capability of observing many parameters including the location and speed. The device captures the data in real time, which is transmitted via a GSM network to our data centers. The client has the access to their assets through our web based application& mobile application from anywhere in the world. Generally, Vehicle Tracking System also known as GPS Vehicle Tracking System, the services are provided through a dynamic combination of satellite and Mobile communication technology. Thus, GPS Tracking or Satellite Tracking is a major part of many vehicle telemetric solutions. Through the Safe Track Vehicle Tracking System, the vehicle’s position is locked by the satellite at the interval up to 30 seconds and then the data is transmitted to our servers and with the help of the tracking software the current and actual position of the vehicle is displayed online on the Maps. This is in general achieved through a amalgamation of a GPS vehicle tracking device and process of returning the statistics to the user. The GPS tracking data is distorted into constructive information through the application of the digital mapping display and supervision reporting tools via a website. GPS vehicle tracking technology which enables the user to remotely locate and track the movement, status of their vehicle, fleet, assets, etc.